Would you like to become an OFFICIAL STOL DRAG PILOT? 
The idea behind STOL Drag is really to make good pilots better! Nothing more. The skills you learn and hone in for better proficiency in your everyday flying is really what it's all about. We like to call it "Beyond Proficiency".
Our course is offered for two days prior to every event we participate in, allowing local pilots to come and test their skills, polish up on skills that may be lacking, and potentially become an official STOL Drag pilot, giving you the opportunity to participate in all of our landing and take-off events around the country, including the National Championship Races in Reno Nevada. 
STOL Drag Pilot Certificate Cards are valid for two years from the time of certification and remain valid for two years after each event you participate in. 
The training you receive during the course is specific to STOL and STOL Drag and ultimately gives your everyday flying a dramatic boost in your skillset. Don't be satisfied with just staying current. Go beyond proficiency. 
The course works exclusively on, the Spot landing, Power and Energy Management along with Directional and Altitude Control.  Through our progression with each of these skills, you will find that after two days of training you will become a much better pilot and ultimately safer! Additionally we discuss at length the psychological side of our sport.  This is exactly what STOL Drag is about. 
If you would like to participate in any of our events please send us an email or give us a call.
Maybe you would like to host our training course at your airport. Round up 10-15 of your friends and we can make that happen. A typical BFR, for 1 hour of dual and 1 hour of ground is generally around $350. With our course, you get 1.5 hours of ground,  5 plus hours of flight training and instruction on each run, not to mention video analysis of you flying.  We guarantee you will learn a lot and gain a thorough understanding of what STOL and STOL Drag flying is all about. Both disciplines are different and require different techniques. 
Cost: $500 per pilot (the best deal for true STOL pilot training in the world)
Class room training