MayDay STOL Crew
Ladies of STOL Drag
High Sierra 2019
Reno 2019
Reno 2019
Reno 2019 - Steve Henry / Mike Patey / Mark Patey / Jason Sneed
Reno 2019
Reno 2019
Johnny Walker / Kyle Bushman / Kevin Quinn
Trent Palmer / Ty Ferkin / Bryan Bowen
Jason Busat
Mike Patey in Draco
Pops Dory
Steve Henry
Joe Dory in Kevin Quinn's 180 & Scott Parker
Trent Palmer & Jason Busat
Pierre and Kevin Eldridge
Trent Palmer & Steve Henry
STOL Drag Trophy - 2017
Mark Patey 2017 Champion
Kevin Quinn & Mark Patey
Flight Line
Mark Patey & Jason Sneed
Mike Patey & Trent Palmer
Justin Phillipson
Mike Reed & Blu Gray
Trent Palmer & Scott Palmer
Ben Hodges & Trent Palmer
Kyle Moses & Trent Palmer
Mike Patey & Kevin Quinn
Steve Henry & Butch Kingston
Mike Patey & Draco 2017 Champion
Kevin Quinn
Toby Ashley & Steve Henry
Steve Henry observing!
Plane and Pilot
Reno Poster 2019

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