Butch Kingston

Butch Kingston is a 42-year-old small business owner, devoted husband to Andy, father to Christian and Nathan, avid outdoorsman, and a Super Cub enthusiast. From a young age, Butch could be found on a motorcycle and proved to be an exceptional rider. He spent his youth and teenage years traveling the country and competing in motocross races. Always wanting to win and go fast, his next step would be to fly. Around 2005, having spent a short time in the back seat of a Super Cub with a good friend, Butch was bitten by the aviation bug. He knew his next adventures would be in the front seat. Butch found an up-and-coming, extraordinary, young instructor named Jamie Nau, bought himself a 1946 Aeronca Champ and set about his desires to become a pilot.

In 2006 the dream of being a private pilot became a reality. Always loving Super Cubs, Butch found a 1977 original factory cub in New Mexico with only 500 original hours. He is a devoted “tail-dragger” and has logged over 1,400 hours in various Super Cubs, all of which he has affectionately named. His first beloved was Buttercup, then there was LaFawnduh, but his newest one has stolen his heart, a pretty Carbon Cub he refers to as “Violet.” Fun fact: Butch has never flown a nose wheel. Although his days of racing motocross are behind him, he has recently picked up a new hobby called STOL drag. Placing 3rd in the STOL competition in Seldovia, AK, he is always learning and striving to get better. Butch does a remarkable job each time he competes and we are looking forward to cheering on Pilot #16 and hope you do too!