Cory Robin

2015 STOL DRAG World Champion

Aviation Advocate, Public Speaker


3500 hours in ‘bush’ type aircraft

83 videos since starting his YouTube channel just over one year ago with around 25,000 subscribers. Find him on on all social media as ‘cory robin’ or ‘flycory’

Oshkosh STOL competitor

STOL RACE #5 in the new DRAG RACING CLASS at the Reno Air Races September 11-15

FROM Salt Lake City Utah

4 Kids ranging in age from 3 to 11 years old (3 boys, and a girl) His daughter shows the most enthusiasm and interest in becoming a pilot.

Cory owns airline software Company: ‘SKYVANTAGE’ and hosts all the reservations and operations of 34 airlines in 17 countries.

You can see him more on Youtube, Oshkosh, and many other upcoming events. MORE INFO at


  • Nickname GHOST came from flying with friends before he added the orange, he would be flying in groups and the black and silver airplane would ‘disappear’ against the terrain so people kept commenting that it was a ‘ghost’ and the name stuck.
  • Cory Robin travels extensively in his HOME BUILT Cubcrafters Carbon Cub EX. He has taken it to Alaska, The Bahamas, Mexico and all over the rest of the United States.
  • Cory is proudly sponsored by:
  • Griplockties and ACME AERO

Aircraft DATA:

  • 998 Pound Empty weight (currently equipped)
  • 180 HP Titan CC-340
  • 35-inch bushwheels with ACME shocks and ACME Stinger Tailwheel suspension system.

With 27 years of experience in computer science and aviation, Cory started his professional career by running AviationNet and The Pilots Logbook BBS, both in his parent’s basement when he was 16 years old.

At 18, he helped revolutionize one of the largest data entry organizations in the western US by creating a platform for in-home data entry via dial-up. Later he joined Clark Development Company to help pioneer many web technologies that are still in use today. Cory developed a game-changing business strategy for small airlines to raise large amounts of operating cash through government and private partnerships.

While serving as vice president for a California based airline, Cory founded SkyVantage Corporation. At SkyVantage, he has developed the world’s first completely web-based suite of airline management tools. Despite going head to head with billion dollar organizations, SkyVantage hosts the entire reservations and operations infrastructure for 34 airlines in 17 countries.

Cory lives in Riverton, Utah.

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