Kevin Quinn Heli-Ski Operator

  Carbon Cub / Cessna 180

High Sierra Fly-in / Oshkosh STOL Demo Team

Hello! I am a flying freak…seriously. It’s about all I think about. FLYING SAFELY IS WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!  Between flying airplanes, running our heli-ski operation in Alaska (Points North), and of course, spending as much time in the ocean as possible, this is me.  I am now 49 years old and have been flying since I was a young kid with my pops while growing up in Alaska. About 48 years in all (if the time spent in the back seat of his airplanes counts).  I have an FAA Commercial Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate ticket with an Instrument rating. I currently have just over 8000 hours to total time, most in the off-airport environment. I am one of the founding members of the Flying Cowboys. Additionally, I’m an EMT trainer, Avalanche Educator, and a US Heli Ski Association Certified Heli-Ski Guide Trainer. In 2009 I created the High Sierra Fly-in. STOL Drag was my creation to follow a few years later at our HSF. STOL Drag Events LLC. is my entity.

Sharing my passion with others is something that I look forward to daily. I fly just about anything I can get my hands on. Airplane, Glider (sailplane) Paraglider, Skydive, Speed wing, you name it. I have been fortunate to fly a number of different aircraft including Helio Couriers, Super Cubs, Cessnas – 152, 172, 170, 180, 182, 185, 206, Beaver, Maule, Highlander, Stretch SuperStol and few Cirrus’. I also have a few hours of dual time in a Pilatus PC12 flying it to and from Alaska with a buddy but I’m more about the smaller planes with the backcountry access. Additionally, I have a number of hours dual time in an A-Star Helicopter with well over 1000 plus hours as a front seat passenger given the nature of my business in Alaska.

My business is aviation. My wife and I own and operate the largest heli-ski operation in the United States, Points North Heli-Adventures Inc., in Cordova Alaska for the past 22 years. Check out – I am former President of the United States Heli Ski Association (8 years served, elected by my peers).  In 2015 I was invited to be a part of a select group of pilots representing STOL at the world's largest fly-in, Oshkosh. Being a part of the Oshkosh STOL demo team is a true honor.  I am an EAA young Eagles Pilot with nearly 100 kids flown to date. That number changes almost weekly.  Safety and training is my primary responsibility in life. I’m a father of two children (5&9) and married to my beautiful wife Jessica (together now over 20 years) that lets me do all of this with her full support.

Currently, I own a 1953 Cessna 180, a highly modified Carbon Cub FX from Cub Crafters.  I’m “aktahoe” on the various backcountry flying forums.,, or the Skywagon forum.

My Instagram is @STOLPilot
My YouTube channel is:

I run several groups on Facebook including the Big Tire Backcountry Flier page, STOL Pilot, STOL Drag, and Points North Heli pages.